Services offered at Lynwood Bail Bonds

Zero Down Bail Bonds

Here at Lynwood Bail Bonds we offer vast variety of payment arraignments for bail clients. One of the most popular of bail payment plans is the Zero Down plan. Zero down bail bonds are based on the cosigners personal credit and job history. If for any reason you do not qualify for the Zero Down payment plan, we will find payment terms that fit around your budget.

Half off Bail Bonds (5% Bail Premium)

At Lynwood Bail Bonds we offer a 5% Bail Premium. In order to qualify for the 5% Bail Bond, risk must be minimal. In our experience every criminal case is different. We will assess the risk involved and if the case qualifies, we will offer 5% bail premium. On the 5% bail premium, we do not finance. All 5% bail premium plans must be payed in full, please call 866-743-8688, for details.